This project is stale, we are not updating the calendar. This page is kept for archival purposes.

Calendar is our another open source project where we try to list events related to topics that most of the time we are working on (electronics/embedded/FPGA/software).

You can view each calendar (for now, only one calendar: Free Virtual (Online) Events) on this page. Furthermore iCalendar, iCal (.ics) files provided for calendars. These files are updated regularly and you can add these calendars to you favorite calendar software by subscribing them. Subscription steps are given at the bottom of the page.


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Free Virtual (Online) Events

This calendar shows free virtual (online) events (most of them are webinars) related to FPGAs, embedded things, etc.


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“I want to contribute.”

Wow, that’s great! Calendar is an open source project and you can contribute it by adding events that you know but are missing in our calendars.

Click here if you don’t see a form above.

Alternatively you can check out CONTRIBUTING page.


Calendars can be added your any calendar software supporting iCal.

Please do not download iCal files (.ics) and import them your calendar software. If you do this, you will get the current snapshot of calendars and once you import them your calendar will not be synced with our calendars in the future. You should add or import the iCal URLs, not the files!

Google Calendar

Typical refresh period of Google Calendar is 24 hrs.

On this page, calendars are hosted via Google Calendar. If you are using Google Calendar, the easiest way to press + Google Calendar button at the bottom right corner of embedded calendars, just scroll up little bit to see the buttons.

Or visit Subscribe to someone’s Google Calendar page and follow instructions under Use a link to add a public calendar. Use iCal URL of the calendar that you want to subscribe.

Microsoft Outlook

Refresh period of Microsoft Outlook may be longer than 24 hrs.

If you are using Microsoft Outook on your computer, please follow steps under Add internet calendars section on page Add and import calendars.

If you are using Office 365 or Outlook on the web, please follow steps under Subscribe to a calendar on page Import or subscribe to a calendar in Outlook on the web.