asynx.dev (asynx in short) is a blog-like, community driven website for all kinds of developers interested in a variety of topics, including but not limited to hardware, embedded programming, FPGA, Linux…

The asynx community was founded in September 2020 by 3 electronics engineers named Alper Yazar, Anıl Tırlıoğlu and Yunus Esergün. We mainly focus on digital and embedded systems in our professional lives. However, the content on asynx is not only limited to these areas, but also covers topics in related ones. In addition, the content is definitely not only for engineers, but also for anyone who has an interest.

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asynx.dev name ve visuals

.dev stands for developers. asynx has multiple meanings. Since we also working with embedded Linux, we had to have x. asyn stands for asynchronous. This term is widely used in digital electronics. Sometimes we work on very distinct topics we stay asynchronous to us, this is other meaning of asyn.

Asynx Visual

This is one of visuals. The bar over asyn imitates active low signal. X stands for LinuX and also demonstrates a digital signal transform.

Asynx Visual

This is another visual. We use this visual as logo. Each line of X is in a different color and one line is not straight.